700+ Best Car Names List – Funny, Cool Names for Cars

There’s a lot to love about the new car experience, from the thrill of a smooth ride to that amazing new car smell. Arguably the best part is that you can give your new vehicle a fun and unique name! After all, you don’t want to be stuck listing the model and make it every time you tell people about your new ride.

But how do you pick the perfect name for your new car? Easier said than done! There’s a bit of an art to naming your car. Here’s how to find the most brilliant name ever.

what should i name my car?

Your new car is more than just a set of wheels. It’s an extension of your personality. And if you’ve got a long commute or some road trips planned, you’re going to be spending a lot of time behind the wheel. Doesn’t your vehicular companion deserve a proper name?

1. Consider the car’s make and model.

Let’s start with the basics: the make and model of your car. Different cars have different aesthetics—just like people. Ever met a big, bulky dude named Spencer? No, he’s probably called Bruce or Jason. Or a quirky girl-next-door named Anastasia? Try Heather or Jess. Same for your car: a sleek, sporty convertible should have a name to match, as should a robust SUV or a classic sedan.

2. Think about what you’ll be using the car for.

Next, think about what you’re going to do in the car. Are you headed for some off-road adventures? Need to lug around your band gear? Brainstorm some names that match those activities. The SUV you’re going to take camping? Try “Firestarter” or “Stargazer.”

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The compact sedan that you’ll drive around on business? Try “Diamond” or “Boss.” Some people use popular character names, such as Laura Croft for an adventure vehicle or Mad Max for a huge pickup track.

3. Pay attention to your car’s color.

Colors can give you some ideas, too. You can choose a character name that matches the color, such as The Hulk for a big green SUV. There are tons of color words that double as names, too. (Think Amethyst, Scarlet, or Periwinkle.)

4. Ask yourself if your car has a gender.

Want to give your car a gender? Historically, car names were female, but now anything goes! A cute little coupe might be a good “Bella,” while a luxe convertible could be “Queenie.” Many people name their big trucks names like “Bruno” or “Tank.”

5. Get creative with your car’s name.

But you’re definitely not limited to actual names! There are hundreds of cars out there named Flash, Devil, Sparky, etc. You can also think about mythological creatures (e.g., Unicorn, Chimera, Dragon), gods (e.g., Zeus, Aphrodite), famous buildings or ships (e.g. Big Ben, Titanic), or even animals (e.g. Bumblebee, Tiger).

The key is to find a name that (a) physically describes the car (b) matches your personality and (c) has the attitude you want to express! The best car names check all three boxes.

For example, a heavy-duty pickup that’s going to be towing a boat probably won’t be called “Princess.” But it could be named “Poseidon” or something like that. A sexy little convertible wouldn’t be named “The Terminator.” Try “Jessica Rabbit” or “Hot Mama.” You need a name that perfectly captures your new car’s character.

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Struggling with name ideas? Keep reading for a curated list of the world’s best car names!

Awesome Names List for Fast Cars

DevilKnockoutBoom Boom
Dust DevilTOBam Bam
Dam HooverBurnerRoadrunner
TazBurnFast Five
SmokeRacerFast and Furious
FirebrandFastImperator Furiosa
ScorchPaceClockwork Orange
Light waveDivebombDr. Strangeglove

Black Car Names List

AbyssBlack PearlKnight Rider
Ace of SpadesBlack WidowMad Max
BatmobileDark KnightNecromancer
Black BeautyDementorPanther
Black DiamondGodfatherReaper
Black JackGreaserShadow
Black MagicGrimSirius Black
Black MambaJet BlackZorro

Cool Names List for Big ‘Ol Cars

A-BombMaximusDouble D’s
Fat ManGladiatorBig and Tall
XXLZeusGreat White
GorillaHigh RollerEverest
TankBig BritchesBigfoot

Male Car Names List

Steely StanClintEminem
TonkDirty HarryBig Easy
Ford ToughGoodfellaJack Sparrow
MotorScar FaceHan Solo
Big DaddyBond, James BondObi Wan
Lil LadyRaging BullRambo
The SubNamTarzan
The ChopperQBBig Boy
High FidelityDrakeMister Fantastic
Die HardBrunoHellboy

Sweet Female Car Names List for girl

Mean GirlJunoXena
T SwiftLaura CroftEleven
BieberDorothyThe Bride
Ke$haThe Wicked WitchRegina
BaePippi LongstockingsRey
BellaSansaPrincess Leia
Fat AmyHolly GolightlyMary Poppins
RomyLady MacbethLiz Lemon
Elle WoodsBrienne of TarthBuffy
CinderellaScarlett O’HaraLittle Lady
TinkerbelleWarrior PrincessMystique

cute car names List For Girl


Girls Car Names list

EchoArtemisRoad Runner
DexteraHarley QuinnCleopatra
KatnissWaspJessica Jones
Highway DivaRally SallyHolley Shiftwell
Xena Warrior PriusBulletTurbo

Race Car Names list

MarathonAddictBrute Force
Midnight ShadowGremlinNeutrino
Storm ChaserFirestarterAlpha

White Car Names list

BlizzardFrostyRain Man
BoneknapperGhost BusterShelly
CrossbonesGreat WhiteSinatra
DracoIcepickStay Puft
EntourageMarshmallowSub Zero
FangMiami ViceWhisper
Fluffer NutterMoby DickWhite Noise
FoggerPolar BearWhite Out
FrostbitePop n’ FreshWhite Shadow

Exotic Car Names list

Zee GermanZanderSapphira
Zee SwedeZoundsBaltic
The Foreign HandAthenaGibraltar
The Ambassador’s DaughterAmalfiNorsk

Truck Names list

DoomsdayArnoldMichael Jordan
GravediggerThe CribSlammer
Rt. 66RedbullHades
The CryptMonsterPearly Tailgate
PoppaBonecrusherSummer Vacation
Uncle JebBasketcaseBob the Destroyer
The DonaldTone ZoneSweet Caroline

Red Car Names list

Big RedDynamiteRed Bull
Blazing SaddlesFerris BuellerRed Hot
Blood DiamondHighway to HellRed October
BloodshotIgniteRoad Rage
Bloodsoaked ChampionKomodaRon Burgundy
Bloody MurderLadybugRosanne
Cherry BombLightning McQueenStarsky
Clifford, the Big Red CarMagnum PITaurus
Crimson MachineMerlotTNT
DiabloNightcrawlerYosemite Sam

Names for Small Cars

PeanutDollyMy Neopet
Donut HoleWheat ThinBaby Grand
TeacupBabeKid’s Menu
Fun SizeJellybeanPint Size
ChicleGummy BearHalf Pint
PinkieNibblesKids’ Table
BugTidbitGus Gus
PorkerMy Little PonyLil Sis
FattyPolly PocketNugget

Names for Junkers and Clunkers

StepchildThe GoonCraigslist
Swamp ThingPavement FaceDie Hard
JunkyardSqueakerMilk Dud
Junk BaitSawdustHalf Life
Vulture BaitSawbonesDumptruck
RoadkillTroublemakerGarbage Truck
OK SuzyWhole PaycheckWheezy
SasquatchDents AhoyThe Zit

Hilarious Names for Old Cars

The JokerGrandmaPenny Loafer
ScarfaceThe PopeBingo Champ
DraculaGandalfPrune Juice
RasputinDumbledoreBeauty Queen
GrandpaFather TimeProm Queen
StonehengeNursing Home DropoutMurder She Wrote
Benjamin FranklinDependsLucy
Betty WhiteQuaker OatsSunshine State
GrampsMetamucilThe Old Testament

Intellectual Car Names

ShakespeareClair de LuneJane Eyre
HarvardEinsteinJane Austen
John MiltonChardonnayOxford
Charlotte Bronte401(k)Cambridge
Je Ne Sais QuoisFoie GrasIvory Fender
BeethovenCharlotte BronteString Theory

Names for the Unicorn Car

Lisa FrankUni-carPrincess Celestia
Emperor of DreamsPrincess of ButterfliesTwilight Sparkle
Adventure TimeThe Duke of Willow TreesApple Bloom
Night SplendorEmpress VioletSparkle bright
Wizard of RainbowsCount GigglesRainbow Forest
Magic PuppyShinyGumdrop Chariot
Glitter TrainFluttershyGlitter Boat
Fab Four-DoorPinkie PieThe Rainbow Chinchilla

Blue Car Names list

AvaCarDoc HudsonMystique
Baby BlueDoryPeriwinkle
Big BlueIce CubeSerenity
Blue DevilIce Ice BabyShark Attack
Blue DolphinJawsSmurf
BluediniMakoStreet Genie
Cookie MonsterMegamindSully
Dinoco BlueMr. FreezeTidal Wave

Green Car Names list

AlienGreen LanternNinja Turtle
Chick HicksGreen MachinePicklemobile
CloverGumbyPoison Ivy
DragonflyIrish LassRibbet
EmeraldKermitThe Booger
FlubberKiwi KruiserThe Green Goddess
FroggerLittle MonsterThe Hulk
Green AlmightyMean GreenToyoda
Green GiantMike WazowskiToyoshi
Green HornetMr. GreenZombie

Yellow Car Names list

Banana SplitzDuckyMinion Mobile
Big BirdFireflySolar Flare
Blonde BabeHoneylemonSpicy Mustard
Bumble BeeLemonSunshine
ButtercupLightningTequila Sunrise
CitronLightning BugTweety Bird
Cruisin’ CanaryLuigiWolverine
Del SolMellow YellowYellowjacket

Orange Car Names list

ButterfingerGeneral LeePulp Patrol
CheddarHot WheelsPulperizer
ChuckyKenny McCormickPumpkin Eater
ClementineKumquat KruiserSly Fox
CreamsicleLady MarmaladeSunkist
FlamerOompa LoompaThe Fox
Flying CarrotPeel OutTiger

Pink Car Names list

Blushing BeemerHammPink Cadillac
Bubble GumHot MamaPink Lemonade
CameoHot Rod PinkThe Pink Panther
Carberry DaiquiriLottiePinky
Cherry BlossomMalibu BarbieRosebud
Cotton CamryMiss PiggyRosette
DollyPeachesStrawberry Street
Ford FuchsiaPeonyTickle Me Pink
GumdropPeppermint PistonsValentine

Purple Car Names List

AmethystKarmaPurple People Eater
BarneyMad MinionRamone
Cheshire CatMythicStella
Dark SpellOrchidTwilight
Darkwing DuckPandoraUltraviolet
Disco InfernoPurple CruiserViolet
Grape SodaPurple HazeWild Berry
Holley ShiftwellPurple LotusWilly Wonka

Silver Car Names List

AnonymousJames BondSilver Lightning
AxiomKnightSilver Surfer
BenderMercurySoul Ride
BulletMetalheadSpark Plug
Chrome Sweet ChromeMoonlight RiderSterling
Heavy MetalRoboCarSylvia
Hi-Ho SilverRocket FuelThe Razor
Iron ManSilver FoxTron

Gold Car Names List

American EagleGold StudKrugerrand
Bling BlingGolden GirlLady Luck
ChampagneGolden GunLucky
CleopatraGoldschlägerPixie Dust
Crown RoyalGreat GatsbyOlympia
DuchessHoneyQueen Bee
Gold DiggerJackpotStar
Gold RushKing MidasStarstruck